Eat, drink, and be tidy.

Getty / Chad Springe

As any parent knows, teaching children table manners is no easy endeavor. Nevermind proper salad fork positioning—you're often dealing with overturned beverages, battling siblings, and utensil-free anarchy.

All of this is no match for Florida teacher, Rebecca Hinson, who is turning decorum around, one soup spoon at a time. How? By offering instruction on the fine art of table etiquette, and infusing a little fun into the process along the way, as Alabama Public Radio reports.

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At South Grade Elementary in Lake Worth, Florida, Hinson has been giving her fifth graders formal etiquette lessons for about twelve years. Inspired by an article she read about etiquette classes in Palm Beach, she decided to bring the lessons to the underprivileged community she serves (99% of students at South Grade qualified for free or reduced lunch last year).

Amazingly, a skillset kids oftentime view as a snooze, has been transformed into something to look forward to as they master posture, manners, table setting, and more. And it's all thanks to Ms.Hinson. Parents even believe these skills will help their kids with job interviews and navigating the professional world.

"They can go back later down the road and say they learned it from Rebecca Hinson's art class in fifth grade," comments Kim McChesney, whose daughter is in Ms. Hinson's etiquette class.

Bonus: They get to celebrate completing the course with a lovely ritual of high tea with three-tiered trays of sandwiches, fruits, and cream puffs. You can bet those kids won't be spilling, squabbling, or resting their elbows on the table.