Design the ultimate home away from home.
Southern Living Southern Dorm Room Style
Credit: Courtesy Getty Images

Southern dorm decor has gone totally glam, and girls are finding ways to live large in small spaces. Take the comforts of home with you as you enter the next chapter of your life by transforming your dorm room into an appealing abode. Consider these ideas when making your dorm room checklist for functional yet fashionable ways to style your space.

Matching Bedding. Coordinate with your roommate, and outfit your beds in matching ensembles for a put-together look. Go bold with vibrant prints and patterns, or create a calming ambience with a neutral color palette. Don't be afraid to go all out—headboards, accent pillows, and other chic accessories will help to dress up your space. An area rug will add another element of warmth, and window treatments will polish off the room.

Stylish Storage. Dorm rooms are notorious for being cramped quarters. Utilize every inch of out-of-sight storage space to keep your room clean and organized. Underbed storage containers are perfect for holding clothes, shoes, and other essentials; conceal the area with a long bed skit that's part of your bedding ensemble. For storage that's in sight, use cute boxes or containers that won't be an eye sore on your shelves.

Lighting Accessories. Florescent overhead lighting in dorm rooms can be harsh, so bring your own lamps to create a softer ambience. Whether you choose a standing lamp, desk lamp, or string lights (or all), the dimmer light will keep your room cozy and add interesting accents to the space.

Wall Decor. Dress up cinder block walls fun décor that shows off your personality. Artwork will add instant style to the room, and the pieces can be used throughout college and into post-grad years. Mirrors are another great way to adorn the walls and can even make the room feel bigger.

Monograms. In the words of Reese Witherspoon, "If it's not moving—monogram it." No Southern dorm room is complete without a monogram. Personalize your bedding and bath accessories with your initials for a custom look.