It was a big day for both Katie and Edric Tucker.

By Michelle Darrisaw
August 23, 2017
Mother Son Back-to-School Photo
Credit: @mostlybubs

Back-to-school season is officially upon us, which means your social media feed is probably filled with adorable first-day photos—but you won't see very many capturing a milestone quite like this.

Katie Tucker's son, Edric Tucker, wasn't the only one headed off to school on August 14. The 32-year-old Dallas, Texas, mother was also embarking on her first day of classes that day, too. To commemorate the happenstance moment of Katie's first day of dental school and Edric's first day of pre-K, they posed together for this ridiculously cute photo, taken and shared online by Katie's husband, Scott.

"When we got the schedule, we were cracking up," Scott Tucker, 33, told ABC News. "[Katie] actually had some training in calligraphy and she said, 'This could be a pretty good Pinterest project.'"

In typical Pinterest fashion, Katie grabbed a chalkboard and etched out, "First Day of Pre-K 4 on Edric's side, while her side read: "First Day of 22nd grade." In case you were wondering where the number "22" comes from, Katie has already earned her bachelor's degree in zoology for what she considers "grades" 13 to 16, and then she spent the next five years working towards her master's degree. So, the 22nd grade refers to her first day of dental school as a post-graduate.

"We've never done a "Pinterest-style" photo before, and we wanted something cute to commemorate what is a very big step for our family," Katie told Parents. "The running joke is that when I graduate from dental school, I will have been in college for more years than grade school. This is also my son's final year at his current school, which we love very much. It's a little bittersweet."

The picture, as you could imagine, garnered a lot of attention online, much to the surprise of Katie and Scott.

"Part of the reason that I shared it is because I'm tired of our current negative news cycle, and I suspect others are too, so I wanted to put something positive out there," Scott said. "How much it seems to be resonating with parents is both a little surprising but also heartening."

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As far as how the mother-son duo's first week of school went, Katie said Edric is enjoying class and getting to know his fellow preschoolers. Ultimately, though, the Tuckers hope to inspire other adults, like Katie, who want to go back to school to pursue their lifelong dreams.