With September comes back-to-school season, which means students and teachers everywhere are gearing up for the start of another year complete with pencils, paper, and countless backpacks. But, before students begin to focus on their multiplication tables and vocabulary words, teachers transform their classrooms into a positive learning environment for their pupils. In many cases, teachers purchase supplies with their own money to prepare for their students, and, on average, these professors spend $500 every year on supplies and related materials. Some teachers spend far more than the national average. Around 1 in 10 educators drop $1000 or more of their own money over the course of the school year. In total, U.S. teachers spend around $1.6 billion to provide students with the tools they need to succeed. In some instances, school districts have added teacher-centric supplies to the student class list to help reduce costs for their employees. However, this isn’t the case everywhere. Needless to say, Teacher Appreciation Day is definitely worth celebrating!

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