You've got to see the hilarious photo everybody's talking about.

Facebook / Jena Willingham

On Monday, August 7th, Jena Willingham was a regular mom of three living in Beulah, Alabama. Now, she's a viral superstar thanks to a cleverly captioned photo she posted on Facebook to kick off her children's school year.

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The photo, which pictures Willingham on a pool float, raising a champagne flute in front of her less-than-thrilled kids, has been shared 17,255 times and counting. "Happy First Day of School everyone!" the caption humorously reads.

Some have now even dubbed her "Mimosa Mom," but Willingham cleared up that misconception with the Ledger-Enquirer. "The drink was just orange juice. And I didn't even drink it," she said. The hardworking mom also admits that she staged the photo at her cousin's home next door on Sunday before posting Monday morning. The reason? For the first time in 11 years, all three of her children are in school.

The instant fame has been incredible, and Willingham has been flooded with messages, television appearances, and media interviews. Out of the avalanche, one note is really sticking with her.

"This one woman really got to me. She messaged me and said she just dropped her child off at pre-K and she cried the whole way home. When she saw my photo, she started laughing and realized she needed a break, and that really hit me," Willingham told Southern Living. "I've took care of my kids for so long and I love them. It's not about being happy that they're gone, it's about doing something nice for me. Couldn't we all use a pool day?"

For moms like Willingham who know this feeling of relief, happiness, and excitement—and, yes, a touch of sadness, too—we'll be holding office hours this evening to discuss. Poolside, of course.