We can't help but wonder how much lawn upkeep will cost.


Think football at your alma mater or child's school is B-I-G BIG? Well, a new $70.3 million sports facility opening outside of Houston is about to make local fans weep with joy.

The Katy Independent School District, just west of Houston, will begin playing at the arena for the 2017 school year. Called Legacy Stadium, the massive grounds seat 12,000 people. The complex also boasts a two-story fieldhouse, fine arts plaza, greenery, and more. The first kickoff at a varsity football game will be Thursday, August 31st.

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Beyond being the most expensive high school sports facility in Texas, it's also a meaningful moment for Katy locals and their beloved Tigers. The field has been named "Mike Johnston Field" to honor the long-time former coach at Katy High School.

"[Johnston] was an impactful person that wasn't just about football but about creating good young men out of those he interacted with," said school board President Rebecca Fox to the Houston Chronicle. "He was a football coach but he was known more for the positive influence he had."

We think that our favorite fictional coach, Coach Taylor, would be inspired by this fantastic new mecca of Friday Night Lights and utter his famous line, "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose."