You'd better stand clear when GiGi gets riled up.

By Valerie Fraser Luesse
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You'd better stand clear when GiGi gets riled
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We talk a lot about our take-no-prisoners Southern Mamas, but Mama had to get her sassy attitude from somewhere. Look no further than her Mama. Or maybe your Mama had to develop major moxie to hold her own with her mother-in-law. Either way, a sassy Southern grandma is a force to be reckoned with. We asked our Facebook Brain Trust to tell us stories of serious sass and share feisty funny grandma quotes. Share yours with us in comments!

"On our wedding day, my husband's grandmother was speeding to get to the church on time. She was pulled over by the local police but only stayed long enough to tell the officer, ‘Bill, I'm very late and can't talk right now!' With that, she sped off to the church."

"When my mom and dad got married, my Grammy Brantley had her suitcase packed and ready to go on the honeymoon with them!!"

"When my cousin got married, my grandmother never received a thank-you note for her gift. My cousin has been married over 25 years. My grandmother still mentions it."

"My grandmother was mischievous and fun. All us grandkids would get her to buck dance and Charleston for us."

"When I was dating my husband-to-be, my grandmother would meet him at the door and kiss him as soon as he got inside. She knew a good-looking guy when she saw one."

"On our wedding day, my bridesmaids wanted to sabotage my honeymoon suitcase. According to my mother, my Grandmother Hardin said, ‘She's got enough to worry about tonight without that,' and proceeded to hide said suitcase!"

"When my cousin Teresa got married, I took our Granny to buy her grandmother-of-the-bride dress. She chose a purple sequined cocktail number and carried her glasses down the aisle in a beaded evening bag. Stunning."

"My grandmother in Pell City, Alabama, had a friend, ‘Miss Julia,' who lived a few blocks away and would come visit with a little yippy dog. Miss Julia would tell the dog, ‘Say hi to Aunt Emma!" That flew all over my grandmother. She was NO DOG'S AUNT! Otherwise, my grandmother was the sweetest Southern lady you could ever know."

"I still remember Grandme McCranie getting called to the dinner table and saying, ‘Well, I'm not really hungry, but I guess I can gag it down.' And then she proceeded to gulp the whole plate down!!"

"Grandmama gave a champagne toast at our wedding by simply saying, ‘Welcome to the family, Matthew. I love you but not as much as I love Susan.' She smiled real wide, raised her glass and took a big sip! We talk about it all the time, and I'll never forget that sparkle in her eyes when she said it."

"I did not find Jim, my husband, until I was 25. My grandmother kept telling me that I was ‘waiting so long that only the pickin's would be left.' She probably married at 13 or 14, so I was surely doomed to a life of spinsterhood in her mind!"

"Delicious holiday meals, spreading from one end of the dining room table to the other, were prepared for our large family by my sweet grandmother. Granddaddy's tender blessing was always followed immediately by my grandmother's instruction: ‘Let's eat and get it over with!'"

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We're willing to bet she says that we should always be authentic, that we should be kind and welcoming to other people, and that we should know what to do with a casserole dish.