The country music star believes being a mother is the most important role she will ever have.

By Jorie Nicole McDonald

Sara Evans has five #1 hit singles, eight studio albums, and millions of sold records under her belt, but she says the greatest honor of her life is being a mom. The Missouri native started pursuing her dreams at a very young age, and now she finds great joy in helping her children do the same. Her oldest son, Avery, graduates high school in a few weeks, and has dreams of moving to Nashville and playing lead guitar for a "really cool artist."

"You have a gig with a really cool artist," Sara laughed. "True," Avery said. "But not on lead guitar." Although he already has a job in his mom's band, Avery hopes to take the next step soon.

"I'm just really excited for him," Sara said, "and he's way more talented than I was at 18. What's cool right now is that he is on the road with us playing guitar. So I feel like I'm kind of getting to hang onto him a little bit longer and I'm hoping that he'll stay out with us this summer."

Sara says that the transition of having her first child leaving the nest will be a difficult one. In fact, in the songwriting session for her single "Letting You Go," she and a few other female songwriters "sobbed" their way through – a feeling that a lot of moms can relate to. "We were sobbing because we kinda wrote it a little bit dark. 'Cause I didn't want to do anything that would be cheesy. So, it's about how I'm proud of the job that I've done raising him and excited for him and happy for him, but at the same time, it's devastating."

But, of course, the singer only wants the best and brightest future for her son Avery. "I want him to have every single dream that he has ever had. And I will be there to support him every step. And I'm gonna cry again," she joked. "The fact that 18 years have gone by, and that time in my life is here, I never want him to feel guilty for growing up and leaving and going and pursuing his dreams."