Royal childcare with a dose of Southern charm

Prince George New Nanny
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Have you heard? Rumor has it that Prince William and Kate Middleton have hired a new nanny for three-year-old Prince George and two-year-old Princess Charlotte. While the toddlers were very well behaved during aunt Pippa Middleton's wedding to financier James Matthews last month, Kate revealed that she was a bit nervous in the days leading up to the wedding because they had important roles to play during the ceremony. It looks like the two toddlers will now have two nannies helping out, as the new nanny will be working alongside Maria Borrallo, the family's current on-staff nanny.

We don't know much about the rumored new nanny, though we've heard that she is fluent in multiple languages and is an expert in child behavior. While those skills will be indispensible in helping to raise the royal children, we think that a Southern nanny would be a valuable addition to the royals' childcare team. Why a Southern nanny?

We speak the same (ultra polite) language.

Southerners understand the Royal Family. Some might say that we're obsessed. We speak the same language—it's a certain realm of linguistic artistry that is both winningly sharp and unfailingly polite. Southerners have a way with words, and, with a little patience, a seasoned Southern nanny can steer any difficult situation toward a peaceful conclusion. An ocean separates our two countries, but we share similar values, we treasure our traditions, and we respect our mothers. (We Southerners also appreciate the Queen's penchant for a good chocolate cake.)

We can handle tantrums.

Every toddler has them, and every parent dreads them. Tantrums are an unfortunate fact of life, but if Southerners have a way with words, we also have a way with looks. Just walk through a grocery store, and you're sure to encounter the beginnings of a tantrum. Nine times out of ten, one look from mama is all it takes to quell the turbulence. And, if all else fails: One bite of any of our Southern desserts would calm even the most outrageous of tantrums. (Might we suggest a batch of banana pudding? It goes perfectly with a proper cup of tea.)

We keep cool under pressure.

Prince George's new nanny would be expected to travel with the Royal Family as they journey throughout the City of London, the English countryside, and abroad. A Southern nanny would have no trouble fitting in with the ins and outs of the royal lifestyle (Think of the dinners! The china!), but they would also be prepared for any unexpected situations, should they arise. We Southerners can grow our own food, mix up home remedies, and usually have a Swiss army knife on hand.

It wouldn't be the easiest transition (an ice-cold glass of sweet tea is hard to come by in the U.K.), but a seasoned Southern nanny would—no doubt—bring a dose of Southern charm to royal childcare.

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Do you agree that Prince George and Princess Charlotte's new nanny should be Southern? What traditional Southern childcare recommendations would you offer?