Even Mama might download it. 

On the Road with Cell Phone
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The best new apps are the ones that solve real-life problems. That's why we're putting a spotlight on Roadie, an on-the-way delivery network that connects users with real folks who can pick up or deliver packages on their route. "Whether you're sending something across town or across the country," the app reads, "chances are someone's already going that way."

Roadie drivers can pretty much tackle any kind of delivery, no matter how big or small—and we're not just talking about the kayak you need to get down to the lake, or that old couch you want to send to your college student two states away. Roadie can also transport your pet to and from the vet, daycare, or your new apartment across the country. The company recently teamed up with The National Canine Cancer Foundation, pledging to donate a portion of the proceeds from every pet gig completed nationwide to the NCCF.

Marc Gorlin
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According to Roadie founder and CEO Marc Gorlin, his Southern upbringing in Atlanta inspired his plan to revolutionize the shipping industry—particularly this idea of "people helping people."

"Growing up, I learned early that Southern hospitality means taking care of each other. It had such an impact that now I ask my kids almost every day, ‘Who do you take care of?' From the time both my kids could talk, they would always answer this question by saying each other's name. They've been telling me who they take care of for nearly 10 years now, almost daily. They're a community of two, and it's incredibly powerful," Gorlin told Southern Living.

These Southern values are not only at the core of Roadie's services, but also rooted in every part of the company and community.

"I love the South and I wouldn't want to run a company anywhere else," Gorlin said. "It's the everyday culture of neighborliness that makes the South special. You might think of the South as barbecue, sweet tea, and SEC football, but it's that neighbor culture that shapes our communities, and you can find it no matter where you are in the South.

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Plus, running a start-up in ATL has some major advantages, like cost of living, world-class talent coming out of the nearby state schools, great infrastructure, and many successes in cyber security and financial technology. And, of course, fantastic food.

"One of my favorite places to end up—no matter what time of day—is Waffle House, also a native of Atlanta," he dished. "When I'm with my kids or out late at night, they have the perfect cuisine for most every occasion. If you ever want to be adventurous and go off menu, try the sausage, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich on grilled raisin toast. You won't regret it."

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