By Melissa Locker
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The Notebook
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There are a lot of things to love about The Notebookyoung love, old love, wet Ryan Gosling—but if for some reason you don't want to watch Ryan Gosling kiss Rachel McAdams in the rain, you can always ogle the real estate in the movie.

In the adaptation of the Nicholas Sparks' novel, Noah (Gosling) the charming and loyal but poor boy, shows his love for Allie (McAdams) by taking a dilapidated mansion and restoring it to its former glory. In the movie,

Noah shows Allie the crumbling plantation house of his dreams and tells her that one day he is going to buy that house and fix it up. Allie loved the waterfront plantation home too, telling Noah that her dream home was a white house with blue shutters, a porch for rocking, and a room with a view of the water so she can paint. Eventually Noah bought that rundown house and painstakingly restored it by hand, just for her. By the time he was done, the fixer upper had been transformed into the jaw-droppingly beautiful home of their dreams.

The sweet act resulted in some serious real estate, both on camera and in real life. The gorgeous old Southern beauty is located on Martins Point Road South Carolina's Wadmalaw Island. Built around 1772, the stately home is one of just a few homes in the exclusive waterfront community of Martin's Point Plantation. While fans of The Notebook would be able to pick the house out of a line-up, the mansion is so attractive even people who have never seen the film will undoubtedly stop to admire its beauty. It's a real looker with soaring columns and antebellum charm and, yes, blue shutters, just like Allie requested. According to real estate website Trulia, the house has five bedrooms,4.5 bathrooms, multiple fireplaces, and a grand staircase to help fill the home's 4,255-square feet.

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While you may dream of living in the house, it's currently a private residence and as far as we know isn't for sale or up on Airbnb. Besides real estate like that doesn't come cheap. The folks at Domino asked the experts at to crunch the numbers and, apparently, it would rent for $12,000 per month—and Ryan Gosling is not included in the price. With that pricetag, most of us will simply have to admire the house from the comfort of the couch as we watch the movie (again).