She's mastered beignets, makes friends with strangers, and moves at her own pace. There's no doubt: Tiana's a Southerner.

Disney Princess Tiana
Credit: Disney

Cinderella, Belle, Sleeping Beauty–princesses you know pretty well. What about Tiana? Here's what you need to know about this New Orleans princess:

1. She's passionate about food
As a little girl, Tiana learned how to cook and appreciate food from her parents – more specifically, her father. Southerners know that passing down knowledge is one of our most prized possessions. And, we've all got a passion for food.

2. She grew up in New Orleans (so that probably makes her a Saints fan)
This beautiful Southern city has some of the best food, music, and views below the Mason-Dixon. And, of course, New Orleans is known for its extravance with Mardi Gras, king cakes, crawfish boils, jazz festivals...the list goes on.

3. She makes the best gumbo in NOLA
If you ask a Southerner, we'll probably tell you that our Mama or Grandmama's recipe is the best you're ever going to taste. We're very proud when it comes to how well our family recipes hold up against the competition.

4. She has mastered the art of the beignet
She's "famous" around the Crescent City for her remarkable beignets. A New Orleans' classic, beignets are pillowy, doughy bites that are mounded in powdered sugar and typically served alongside café au lait. In her pre-princess adventures, there have been more than few times where Tiana's been caught with a tray of beignets in one hand and a pot of coffee in the other.

5. She understands the value of hard work
Ever since she was a kid, Tiana's been dreaming about having her own restaurant. And, every Southerner knows how much work we put into our passions, our families, and our land. There is usually little time for anything else–especially if you're a farmer who works sun-up to sun-down.

6. She knows how to dress for the ball
Tiana is invited to bake her famous beignets for her friend Charlotte's masquerade ball, so naturally she picks a dress that makes her shine like the dazzling Southern belle she is. Southerners are famous for always being immaculately dressed for any occasion – be it the Iron Bowl or the Sunday service – and we know how to appreciate any kind of ball or party that's thrown our way. Tiana is no exception (and, she's mastered the perfect red lip).

7. She's not afraid of any ol' frog
Let's be completely honest here: if Tiana's been living in New Orleans, she can probably gut her own fish and shuck her own oysters. Do we really think that kissing a small frog would stop this Southern gal from achieving her dreams? Not a chance. We also can appreciate some good storytelling, so it's no wonder that she gave this Prince Naveen frog fellow a chance once she'd heard his tale.

8. She becomes friends with an alligator named Louis who plays jazz on the trumpet
This is fairly self-explanatory. First, Southerners aren't afraid to talk to strangers – even if it's an alligator who is fifty times the size of her small frog body. Second, she's got good taste in music. Anyone/anything who can master jazz on the trumpet is worthy of being a Southerner's friend.

9. She can dance
Remember that one scene where frog Tiana and frog Naveen are dancing on a lilypad to the melodic tunes of Louis' trumpet? Tiana can handle her own. Southerners have mastered the art of keeping time – all the way back to when we learned partner square dancing in 5th-grade gym class.

10. She failed to make it home to break the spell
If Tiana wasn't a Southerner, she would have made it home in-time to have Charlotte (who was the Mardi Gras Princess) kiss Prince Naveen. And that would have broken the frog spell. Everyone knows there's no point in hurrying a Southerner. We like to take our time.

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But, alas – once the two frogs returned to the Bayou to be married among their friends, a little bit of Mama Odie's Louisiana voodoo brought them back to their normal selves.

Was there ever any doubt that Princess Tiana is the Southerner in all of us?