Southerners have Coke and peanuts, Dr. Pepper-infused sheet cake, and pound cake made with lemon-lime soda. We're an adventuresome and innovative people, and we like to try out new ingredients and methods to give our baked goods, marinades, and cocktails some extra oomph. But, even we'd like to draw the line at this ranch-flavored soda. We took this unconventional flavor to the streets of Birmingham, Alabama to test out our hometown's taste buds. Some folks really liked this fizzy beverage, saying it reminded them of the perfect Southern summer drink. Others guessed that the flavor was coconut, and lots of Southerners guessed toward cream soda. When these unassuming citizens heard that it was ranch, however, most of them looked incredulous. Some Alabamians liked the drink, saying that they'd buy ranch-flavored soda. Others, however, were reminded of their distaste for ranch dressing and wanted to give back their sample. Our verdict? Let's keep the ranch dressing with the Crack Crackers recipe. Do you know someone who'd give ranch soda a try?

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