Moving in with your significant other is a major milestone and should not be stressful. Although you may be madly in love, your significant other is still your roommate and responsibilities should be shared. Find out which room your significant other is better at cleaning, who folds laundry better, and who prefers washing the floors over reorganizing the closet. Money can be a difficult topic to bring up, but is very necessary when you decide to take on such a big responsibility. Make sure you are aware of one another's spending habits and work schedules, and create a flow that would best fit the both of your lifestyles. Most importantly, take time to evaluate while you two are living together in the first place. Is it just to save money or to start a life together? This will be important in the long run when evaluating both your living situation and your relationship. The Coinage team has come up with a list of things to consider when moving in with that special someone–and things to avoid.

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