Queen Elizabeth is well-known for treating the people in her life like, well, like royalty. For example, she lent Meghan Markle, her new granddaughter-in-law, a precious tiara for her wedding day, then bestowed upon her and her husband Prince Harry the title of Duke and Duchess of Sussex. But, this kindness isn't just relegated to the people in her life. According to reports, her majesty's extreme kindness and caring nature also apparently extends to her animals as well.

As the world knows, the Queen is a huge fan of corgis. In fact, she's been breeding them for decades. She also happens to own an entire menagerie of furry friends including all the whales in the English Channel and all the mute swans in the River Thames. She also owns a field full of some very, very well-kept cows.

In a new special with BBC's Countryfile, the show visited the Queen's farm at Windsor Great Park. "They're country people, and they're really very good farmers," farm manager Mark Osman revealed on the episode.

On the farm, BBC shared, the Queen's 165 dairy cows live their best life as they graze on their large green pastures. And, as Reader's Digest noted, they can even choose to rub up on an automatic cow brush that helps remove dirt and apparently relieves their stress.

But this isn't the only glamorous accessory these cows own. Rather than simply lying down in a dirt pasture like regular cows, these royal cows sleep on waterbeds. Yes, real waterbeds.

"As the cow lies down, the water pushes underneath the pressure points where the cow lies, and the cow ends up floating," Osman explained to the BBC.

According to Osman, the entire royal family helped choose the beds, which are apparently rather pricey items. But, only the best for every member of the royal family, dairy cows included, right?