Q&A with Artist Holly Hollon

SL: When did you first break out on your own? And why?

HH: It started around five years ago; I always free-lanced while working in advertising and would take projects on the side. After I got married, something had to give and the transition happened fast. I worked a small part time job for a couple of months to ease into working for myself. I am very blessed with the way my business is growing.

SL: What is your favorite project you've worked on to date?

HH: I did a wedding in France; the colors were blue and white. The save the date was a vintage travel poster I created. I love learning about the world and going to destination weddings. Here is the link to my favorite project:

SL: Who do you consider to be your inspiration?

HH: My clients are my main inspirations; it all depends on what the client is working towards. I also love to read magazines, but project based is my inspiration and their client goals.

SL: Did you have any mentors who encouraged you?

HH: My first creative director, he was a mentor. I also had a teacher in college and a peer who gave me guidance. My mom is a graphic artist and helps me and I actually show my mom before I show the client.

SL: What was your artistic journey that led to where you are now?

HH: The last semester in college I wanted to learn calligraphy to apply to a project. From there I then created branding for a small business and did wedding calligraphy for invitations. Also, I started adding my own flare on copper plate calligraphy; this created the demand and my niche for what I do. Most of my career is based on calligraphy.

SL: What is your favorite medium to use?

HH: The tools I use are: Oblique Pen Holder with a Blue Pumpkin Nib, Moon Palace Sumi ink, and Clairefontaine Triomphe paper. I also add watercolor to my drawings. I have always been fascinated by watercolor and I try to continue to grow within that. I actually take watercolor lessons with my mom.

SL: What is your painting playlist you listen to while working?

HH: I have listen to a lot of Louis Armstrong this past year. Also Pink Martini, Herb Alpert, Luiz Bonfa are on my current playlist. I turn this playlist on while teaching classes.

SL: What advice do you give to future budding artists?

HH: Be true to yourself and embrace your talents. Be content or happy with you and what you do. Do not focus on what everyone else is doing; individualize yourself in that way, you're creating something unique that no one else has. Don't get discouraged with how many likes on social media, don't compare yourself to others on social media, just be true to your own sense of style and talent.

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Photo credit: Mandy Busby