Be sure to grab a very large box of tissues.


We've all been there. You finally sink into the couch after a taxing week to watch your favorite television show when Publix strikes again – a Publix commercial that is. (We know, you thought we were going to talk about the fried chicken or subs.) Moments later, you're uncontrollably sobbing. Maybe even weeping. There's no denying the beloved supermarket knows how to pull at our heartstrings–especially around the holidays. They just get us. The sentimental commercials usually feature friends and family gathering for special occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, birthdays, and anniversaries. And while some might think from a supermarket? Y'all know that Publix is not just a supermarket. These commercials beautifully capture what it means to be a Southerner.

Lifetime Love

There's something incredibly romantic about a young couple celebrating their anniversary in the kitchen preparing dinner. It's full of sweet moments like the doting husband opening a jar for his wife and both of them reminiscing about fond memoires, but the best part comes in the last few seconds when they begin to dance. The camera soon cuts to the same couple swaying, but now they are much, much older and still very in love. This one is sure to bring a tear to your eye.

It's More Than Just A Birthday

We all have a handful of childhood memories that stay with us for a lifetime. In this commercial, Publix captures the joy surrounding a youthful birthday. It follows the story of a father-son pair and the very special gift that changes everything.

Another Day

This one is for the parents. We can all get in that "everyday routine"- the one that seems mundane and unspectacular. But, things quickly shift after having a child, and this ad speaks to that emotion. Warning: don't watch without a box of tissues.


Probably the simplest of the bunch, this commercial features a gorgeous montage of several families taking part in their annual Christmas traditions. You'll want to sip on a cup of hot chocolate and listen to your favorite holiday tune after watching it.

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is near and dear to every Southerner's heart because, let's be honest, Mama deserves a celebration every day. This advertisement features a little girl who is learning what is means to be a big sister and admiring her mom in the process.

Holiday Surprise

If you've ever had to spend the holiday away from your family, this story is sure to make you weep. It's about one man who has to work on Christmas and ends up getting a heartfelt surprise.

Celebrate The Graduation Moments

It's the remarkable narration in this ad that makes it incredibly special. The commercial follows one boy thorough his educational journey and the people who helped him along the way.

Head Of The Table

Thanksgiving is a very special holiday below the Mason-Dixon, and we all have that one member of the family who makes it their mission to give the celebratory speech. This advertisement highlights the true meaning of the occasion.

Father's Day

We all love the patriarch of the family, and this story is a sweet reminder that everything's okay if Dad is around.

Class Project

We can't forget to give Valentine's Day some love. This adorable story follows an elementary school teacher who organizes a very sweet class project and ends up with a surprise of her own.