Aim for efficiency.

By Southern Living
June 12, 2018
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We love a good deal, don't you? We're always looking for ways to save—especially when doing the weekly grocery shop. Over the years, thanks to our countless visits to Publix, we've learned a few things about finding deals and saving money. That's not the only thing we're looking to save, though. The key to your best Publix visit ever is efficiency—saving both money and time while getting home with all the ingredients you need for a week of meals. Here are a few of our secrets to finding the best deals during your weekly Publix run.

Do your research before you go.

Don't be caught unawares. If you're frantically calculating savings on your phone in the middle of the pasta aisle, you have room to improve. (It's not a good look. It's also not efficient. And what is the key word in this article? Efficiency.) There's also a tool that will help with this, and it is…

Use the app. Love the app.

Yes, Publix has an app, and once you try it, you'll never return to the days of aimless browsing and grocery lists scribbled on crumpled receipts. In the app, you can make shopping lists, check prices, find recipes, browse weekly ads, and get your grocery shopping done in an altogether smoother fashion. (Also known as: Efficiency.)

Check the BOGOs.

In the app and at, you can find lists of the "Buy One Get One Free" deals of the week. There are also plenty of savings flyers and printable coupons available, if that's more your style. If you're ready with your coupons and know where the BOGO deals are, you'll be out the door in no time, your receipt total will be reasonable, and your wallet will be happy. Also, for even more savings: Publix accepts manufacturers' and competitors' coupons too. (Here's the policy.)

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To find the best deals at Publix, there's one word you need to remember, and that word is efficiency. What are your tips and tricks for finding the best deals at your friendly neighborhood Publix?