By Melissa Locker
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In Southern Living's new etiquette Facebook group, There's No Excuse for Bad Manners, reader Trish Schmidt posted a question that got our attention. Her daughter is heading to prom and like many women before her, she wants a say in the corsage and boutonnière that she will be wearing all night long. While she understands that her date will be making the purchase, she would like to steer him to her family florist, instead of the local Publix Floral department. Schmidt wanted a few helpful hints about the best way to approach this with her daughter's date.

We are happy to weigh in on this. We all love Publix—it's convenient, the florists are friendly, and they have so many options. However, if a young woman heading to prom prefers to use a specialist, particularly one who knows her family and been their florist for years, it's completely appropriate to make her wishes known—so long as she remembers her manners if the young man still shows up on her porch with a lovely corsage from the Publix floral department. After all, corsages only last a night while prom memories can last a lifetime. Don't spoil the evening over a flower!

As for how to make her wishes known, the young woman could either simply tell her date that she wants a corsage from her family florist or she could start practicing the womanly art of dropping hints until her beau picks up on them. However, some things are best left in the hands of parents. Frequently when a young couple is heading out for a big night, their parents will discuss the details ahead of time—curfews, limo rentals, and even corsage and boutonnière options. This would be a great time for the young woman's mother to mention her daughter's wish to use the family florist and perhaps offer to pay for it since it might cost a little more than Publix.

That said, if it's an option, when it comes to special occasions, it might be worth opting for a corsage specialist, like South Carolina's Blossom Shop that has been making corsages for 75 years.

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Whatever corsage and boutonnière show up on prom night, smile, say thank you, and be sure to read our how-to guide before pinning on the boutonnière—it's only polite!