Go old school for your next game night.

Southern Living Classic Board Games for When the Power Goes Out
Go old school for your next game night
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April showers are said to bring May flowers, but spring storms also bring frequent power outages. When an afternoon thunderstorm leaves your home powerless for the rest of the night, go back to your childhood roots and whip out classic board games to pass the time. Put the iPhones down. (You don't want to waste all of the battery life anyway.) Find a few flashlights or light some candles, and gather around the table for a night of old-fashioned fun. Or if you don't lose power, host a group of family and friends for an old-school game night. Remember your favorite childhood toys? Reminisce on childhood memories of playing these games, and make new memories with the next generation.


Brush up on your real estate savvy with a round of classic Monopoly. This game is known to take a while, so choose your preferred playing piece and settle in for a night of battles over the board's most popular properties. Play the original version, or pick out a new edition of the game, like Pokémon or Star Wars.


Colonel Mustard in the billiard room with the rope? Or maybe it was Professor Plum in the study with the revolver? Your guess is as good as anyone's as your group of sleuths attempts to figure out who murdered Mr. Boddy in his mansion. Power outages may get all the more spookier while playing this whodunit game.

Chutes and Ladders

Your younger players will love this longtime favorite. Spin your way to the top of the ladders or the bottoms of the chutes. The first person to reach the square 100 wins.

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Put away Words with Friends, and opt instead for a game in which you interact directly with other players—what a concept! Race against the clock to build crossword grids and use all of your lettered tiles before the rest of other players to win. Play this fast-paced, portable game anywhere.


Choose a color, and jump and bump your way around the board to victory. Land on a Slide space to bump other players in your pawn's way off the board. As the competitive spirit builds, players will probably forget to say "sorry" for sending opposing pawns back to start.


You may remember Mancala from elementary school culture studies. Test your math skills and give your brain a healthy workout with this traditional game that's been played since ancient times all over the world. The trick to winning Mancala is to plan your moves ahead of time to empty your side of the board first and outsmart your opponent. Create your own Mancala board by using an empty egg carton as the board and dried beans or pebbles for the game pieces. You might also be interested in this DIY game tray that's great for all summertime festivities.