This Oscar-Nominated Short About a Baby Sandpiper Captures the Magic of the Beach from a Whole New Perspective

We're smitten with this courageous little beach bird.

Piper Animated Short
Photo: Youtube

This article originally appeared on TIME

Piper, an adorable Pixar short showing in theaters along with Finding Dory, tells the story of a young sandpiper who fears the sea so much that it makes finding food especially challenging.

In the computer-animated film, the hungry young bird attempts to be independent and join her fellow sandpipers on the shoreline to scavenge for scraps, but it becomes afraid when a large wave crashes on top of her. Not to be vanquished, the bird learns to lean in to the sea—and discovers the riches it has to offer.

Now that Finding Dory is available to rent, Piper has found its way online. Check out the film below.

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