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Cheese Ball
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Southerners love a cheese ball, and for good reason. Cheese balls are staples of any appetizer spread, and we're here to tell you that you can make the easy-to-prepare, Southern-favorite app even better. All it takes is one inspired addition, and that addition is pineapple. Yes, pineapple! Adding a dose of tropical fruit to the mix makes the classic app pure magic. The inclusion of pineapple to the traditional cheddar-cream cheese blend takes any cheese ball over the top in the best way possible (and it echoes the flavor of one of our favorite casseroles, too).

Why pineapple? Pineapple is a symbol of hospitality, making it the perfect addition to a party menu or appetizer buffet. Nothing says, "Welcome!" quite like pineapple. It's also delicious, and it pairs beautifully with the cheesy spread. Check, check, and check!

Whether pairing with a plate of crudités or an assortment of crackers, there's just no outdoing a cheese ball. It's the sort of appetizer that will vanish before the party ends. (No leftovers, minimal clean-up!) Doesn't your next party need one? For your consideration, we have two versions of the classic pineapple cheese ball recipe—both of which would make inspired snacking additions to your next cocktail party or shower menu.

The first version is this Pineapple Cheese Ball recipe shared by Tish Gidney. It's made of cream cheese, pineapple, green bell pepper, minced onion, celery, and chopped pecans. As the final step, the cream cheese-based cheese ball is rolled in pecans, giving it a crunchy exterior. Describing the origins of the recipe, Gidney writes, "My mother-in-law gave me this recipe. It is my favorite cheese ball, and I like it best on buttery round crackers."

The second option is the Pineapple Cheese Ball recipe from Oxmoor House, which is similar but includes a few subtle differences. The ingredients list includes cream cheese, onion, green bell pepper, and pineapple (of course), but it also adds cheddar cheese and parsley for a dash of color and flavor. This version does not include pecans, which is ideal for anyone with nut allergies.

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What's your go-to cheese ball recipe? Is it a constant on your appetizer menu, and do you include pineapple? We think it's the perfect way to jazz up pre-dinner snacking.