Well, you're not alone.


If you’re a cat owner working from home amid the coronavirus outbreak, there’s a good chance you’re locked in a heated battle over your computer keyboard. What’s up with that?

Cats exhibit a lot of strange behaviors, but their adoration for keyboards is surely one of the oddest.

“It’s hard for you or me to imagine, but to a cat, a keyboard really is the perfect spot,” pet expert Arden Moore explained to PetMD. “They’re warm, they’re kind of fun to sit on, and most importantly, they’re smack between you and the monitor.”

But that’s only half the reason felines go gaga for keyboards. The full story is actually a bit more complicated. Cats, complicated? Who knew!

To start, they’re likely curious about the strange metal object you seem so invested in. Furthermore, cats tend to crave attention when you’re least able to give it.

“The laptop is on your lap, which is prime kitty territory,” animal behavioral consultant Amy Shojai told Inverse. “You stare at it constantly, and the cat would prefer you direct your attention to them, so it gets in between you and the screen.”

Keep in mind that cats are experts at sensing energy. While it might be just another day of work for you, your cat sees you becoming quiet and serious, your eyes narrowed, your posture changed as you pound away on. To a cat, these are important behaviors to observe.

“Their little inside hunter is watching you, and you’re doing everything a good hunter would do —you’re being very still, you’re not making any noise, and you’re staring intently ahead,” Moore explained to PetMD.

As for curbing this annoying behavior, Jill Goldman, a Los Angeles-based certified applied animal behaviorist, advises treading lightly. “The last thing you want to do is scold a cat for wanting to be with you—cats are very sensitive and not very forgiving,” she told PetMD. “Never punish them for a behavior that’s social and friendly. You should actually feel complimented—your cat is seeking you out.”

Instead, simply close your computer and play with your fur baby. Let’s face it… you probably both need a break!