So fetch. 
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Pets are beloved members of Southern families, as cherished as sweet Aunt Susan and as adored as crazy Uncle Henry (heck, maybe even more so!). Their collars are personalized, their bowls are hand-painted, and they sleep right by our beds…or in them. And is it really even the holidays if your four-legged companions don't make an appearance in the annual Christmas card? Y'all get the point. We. Love. Our. Pets.

And while we'll do whatever it takes to make sure that Fluffy, Chester, and Beau live happy, healthy lives, there's no getting around the fact that taking care of your furry friends can be expensive. But we've got good news: PetHero is here to change the game.

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Launched earlier this month, the new pet membership club can save you hundreds of dollars on pet care each year. Members are given a 25% discount on all in-house medical services and procedures at more than 5,000 veterinary offices nationwide.

Plus, it's a solid alternative to pet insurance, as all pets are covered, regardless of age, pre-existing conditions, or species; and there are no deductibles to hit, so your membership perks kick in with your very first vet visit (just print out your vet savings card and bring it with you to the office). And the perks are just as good with every visit after that: A PetHero membership means you'll be treated to a 25%-off discount at your vet's office every single time.

Membership also offers prescription discounts and exclusive access to a 24/7 lost pet recovery concierge (in case Fido decides to go for a walk on the wild side).

Finally, PetHero members receive seasonal gift boxes with curated snacks, toys, and accessories (think FabFitFun for your dog or cat), so you can save yourself a trip to the pet store. And what's not to love about that?