Pawsitively inspiring.

By Meghan Overdeep
June 16, 2021

College students aren't the only ones that call University of Texas at Arlington home. There are also reportedly 100 unowned cats that roam the campus.

And thanks to a group of kind students, these wandering felines just might be the best-kept strays in north Texas.

The Campus Cat Coalition at UT Arlington is a registered student organization that cares for the colony of stray and feral cats. Coalition volunteers keep a regular feeding schedule, provide medical care and vaccinations, and help friendly cats find permanent homes via a foster program. In February they even helped save a kitten named Altitude that was stuck in a tree outside the Central Library.

The coalition also conducts a humane method of population control called TNR, or "Trap, Neuter and Release," to ease the burden on local shelters.

Despite their efforts, Maria Luisa Cardenas, president of the Campus Cat Coalition, recently told KERA News that the number of cats at UTA continues to grow. The of these cute kitties are not easy, Cardenas noted, adding that they have to contend with everything from extreme weather and predators to cars.

Curious but shy kittens
Credit: ConstantinCornel/Getty Images

The students cover all of the costs and rely on donations of food, money, and other supplies to keep their effort going. They're also always looking for fosters.

"The cats bring caring people together and it brings the UTA spirit together," Riley Wiland, press secretary for the Cats Coalition of UTA, told NBC DFW. "I do it because I think the respect that I have for humans and pets, and especially animals, is the same."

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