The tiny dog was on the brink of death when he was brought to the Kentucky Humane Society. 
Travolta the Rescue Dog
Credit: Courtesy of the Kentucky Humane Society

True love comes in more than one form. This Valentine's Day, a very lucky dog and the incredible veterinarian who saved his life are showing off a different type of puppy love as they officially become a family through adoption.

In early January, an Uber driver discovered a limp dog lying on the side of the road. He was taken to the Kentucky Humane Society where was assessed and treated for infected pressure sores and extreme malnourishment. He weighed only 14 pounds when he should have weighed around 30 pounds. He was filthy and had maggots and feces all over his matted fur. Veterinarians estimated that the dog was around a year old and had been starved for months. They named him Travolta in the hopes that he would survive and continue "stayin' alive". 

Over the past six weeks, Travolta has received round-the-clock care from the staff at the Kentucky Humane Society, especially from veterinarian Dr. Emily Bewley, with whom he formed a special bond. Supporters have been following his journey to recovery closely through regular Facebook updates from his team of caretakers. They've documented everything from his first meal, to his first bath and first steps once he gained enough muscle mass to walk again. 

He even received visits and encouragement from Ethan, another Kentucky Humane Society rescue dog who experienced a very similar survival story this time last year.

Animal lovers near and far have been rooting for a happy ending for Travolta, and yesterday they got their wish. Dr. Bewley decided she had room for one more and officially added Travolta to her motley crew of boys, which includes three sons, two dogs, two cats, and a bunny. 

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"I decided to adopt Travolta because he just fits in so well with my family and resident animals," Bewley told Southern Living. "My kids love him, my dogs love him, and I am obsessed with him. I am so excited to make it official. He truly is my Valentine!"

We couldn't be happier for Travolta and his new family!