Here's how to stay the night with your dog in tow

Many people often travel for the holidays, which leaves two options for their trusty companion: Stay at behind with a trusty sitter or head out on the road with mom and dad. If you plan on taking your pet with you, you need to make sure they behave like angels and follow these house guest rules.

Paws Off The Furniture

It may be okay for your pet to have his own spot on the sofa at home, but keep in mind that this isn't your house. Unless the host gives you the nod of approval, your pup should stay on the floor. If necessary, pack a small spray bottle of water to keep him off the furniture.

Feed Strategically

Your hosts' dog may beg for food at the table, but do not assume that yours is a welcome beggar too—especially during holiday meals. Take precautions by offering to place your pet in his kennel or outside in the yard during dinner. To minimize any begging, maintain your dog's normal meal schedule, and feed him only in designated areas away from the homeowners' dog bowls. Be vigilant about wiping up any spills. If you're looking for a special treat, we love these Pumpkin & Cranberry Biscuits. Twenty percent of the biscuits' proceeds are donated to help pets in need during the month of November.

Pumpkin and Cranberry Dog Biscuits
Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

Stay Attentive

Be mindful of other guests who are trying to relax during the holidays. It's your responsibility to keep your pet calm and occupied. Get up early to let her out before anyone else feels the need to care for her. Go out for long walks to make sure she gets enough exercise to sleep well through the night. If your dog is a barker, try to keep her hushed as much as possible.

Clean Diligently

Check your dog's paws for mud and grass before coming inside. If they are dirty, clean them off with baby wipes. Be conscious of shedding, and do daily preemptive sweeping or vacuuming to clean up any hair. Instead of bringing dirty, chewed-up toys with you, buy a few fresh ones for the trip. If the host has a pet, give it a new toy as a "hostess gift."