Well that's adorable

Sophia, a twenty-seven-year-old Bornean orangutan, holds her newborn in her enclosure at Brookfield Zoo October 23, 2008 in Brookfield, Illinois.
| Credit: Scott Olson / Getty Images

The Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, Texas has a resident orangutan couple that's expecting. So naturally the staff there is throwing the adorable animals a baby shower, complete with a registry at Target.

A quick look at the registry that's been set up for Mei and KJ shows that the soon-to-be parents have a taste for Disney movies, Dolly Parton and bubble baths. (They really are just like us!)

But the primates also need plenty of the usual supplies, like blankets and baby shampoo. Although some of the items may seem outlandish—like the iPod shuffle—Terri Cox, the Zoo's curator of exhibits and programs, told the Waco Tribune-Herald that each item on the list was selected to help provide enrichment activities for the new arrival and other zoo animals.

"When Mei first got here, she was young, 10 years, she loved the movie Jungle Book," Cox said, told the newspaper. "That was the one thing that would bring her up to the front until she got used to her surroundings."

So why all the hype? Orangutans are critically endangered, which means every birth is a big deal. And Mei's first baby, who was born in 2014, died shortly after she was born. "In 10 to 20 years wild orangutans could possibly not exist," Cox said. "That's why every birth matters so much."

Mei, who is having weekly ultrasounds, is due in late January, which is when her baby's gender will be revealed. In the meantime, the zoo is hosting a shower for the hairy couple at Cameron Park Zoo's orangutan exhibit on Sunday Dec. 18th at 11:30am. Mei and KJ will open their gifts, while human guests can partake in cake.

"These are magnificent animals. To encourage people to develop a connection to them, that's the role of zoos," Cox said. "In a perfect zoo we'd love for everything to live in their natural habitat. But in order to save the species, we have specific survival plans."

If you can't make it to the shower, you can head over to Target.com to buy a gift for the couple and their little one.