Tennessee State Trooper Uses Umbrella to Shade Injured Dog Amidst Scorching Heat

He sat with the struggling pup until he earned her trust.

Trooper Tudors Tennessee Dog
Photo: Tennessee Highway Patrol

Kaye Fiorello was driving on Interstate 75 through Cleveland, Tennessee, last week when she saw something in a ditch off the side of the road. It was a little white dog and "it looked bad."

Remembering that she had just passed a State Trooper parked in a turnout, Fiorello backtracked to ask him for help.

She told Trooper Pumpy Tudors about the dog, and together they drove towards the spot where the poor creature was clinging to life in the 95-degree heat.

The dog was "still there, panting like she was fixing to die," Fiorello recalled in a now-viral Facebook post.

She watched as Tudors, a former star punter for UTC, dumped out his jug of Kool-Aid and fashioned a water bowl for her.

"The dog was scared of him, but frozen in weakness. She sniffed the water, then realized this kindness was for her! She drank that water down in minutes!" Fiorello wrote. "Next thing, he goes to his vehicle and gets a chair and an umbrella. Telling me he will stay here until she trusts him, so he can get her to a shelter, or take her home."

"I believe his being there at the right time, was one of those little messages reminding us of the good in our world," she concluded.

The pup, who was hit by a car, is currently being treated by Cleveland TN Animal Control Division.

According to an update Fiorella shared on Monday, the dog is doing "much better" but is still "pretty bad off."

As for Trooper Tudors? He hopes to adopt her if possible.

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