We spoke to Dr. Molly Spears from Bluffton, South Carolina, for advice about how to help our pets through aging pains.
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If you've been known to disappear from a party to spend quality time with the host's four-legged friends, dog walking and pet sitting could be the perfect part time job for you. Not only do you get to dole out belly rubs to doggos and play with kittens, but it's a great way to have fun while exercising. Dog boarding basically means borrowing dogs, right? Sites like Craig's List, TaskRabbit, or DogVacay can help you find dog-walking clients or people who need pet sitters in your community.
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Unfortunately, our furry friends age just like us. Since aging can come with aches and pains for any species, we wanted to know how to help our dogs in their later years. We spoke to Dr. Molly Spears from Bluffton, South Carolina, for age-old advice (pardon the joke). Here's what she had to say:

As pets age, many will display signs of arthritis, which can include stiff joints and a hesitation to jump into the car or go up or down the stairs. There are joint supplements available at pet stores that help provide relief for these symptoms. However, some dogs may need anti-inflammatory or other pain-relieving medications to help with discomfort. A physical exam is necessary to determine if your pet has arthritis or if it's a more serious health condition. Before relying on any over-the-counter remedies, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian.

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Even though we can't stop our dogs from aging, we can help relieve some of the pain that comes with the process. Just like with humans, it's always smart to go to the doctor to see what's up before trying every over-the-counter option.