Ethical Pets Products cat spring toy

This Toy Brings Out the Playful Side of Even Super Shy Cats

It’s the only thing that helped my foster kitten open up.
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I was raised in a family where cats and dogs were the stuff of dreams. My mom always joked that my siblings and I were more than enough to take care of—to her credit, she was right—but I knew I'd adopt or foster a furry friend as soon as I had my own home. The opportunity finally arrived during the COVID-19 pandemic, when I stumbled upon a call for people to foster cats on Facebook. A day later, I found myself driving home from a local sanctuary with a particularly shy feline in tow. 

During our first few weeks together, I feared my sweet, introverted kitty might never open up. Yet as soon as she got her paws on one simple toy, her playful side was out for good. 

The Spot Ethical Products Wide Spring Toys are so straightforward, it might be hard to understand why they cast such a spell. The coils are made of durable, chew-resistant plastic without any sharp edges, so they'll keep your cat safe and entertained for years to come. Plus, their bright colors make them easy to spot under furniture and in other nooks and crannies. 

Ethical Pets Products cat spring toy
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

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When I tried to coax my cat into using other toys, she usually lasted about five minutes before returning to her beloved plastic springs, which she often held in her mouth while trotting around my apartment. We used them for variations of fetch, catch, and other nameless but incredibly typical cat activities. Since they bounce and roll on almost any surface, I knew she'd have fun with them even when I wasn't around.

The spring toys have over 1,300 five-star ratings from Amazon shoppers who say they're capable of replacing your cat's obsession with forbidden human items. 

"Over the years, the many cats I have adopted have taught me that simplicity is key when it comes to toys," one reviewer wrote. "Sophisticated toys hold little interest for them, whereas bread ties, milk container rings, and so forth hold a perpetual fascination. These colorful toys fall into the fascination category and do not become tangled when I throw a couple on the floor for [my cat] to play with. She absolutely loves interacting with this simple and effective new toy." 

A 20-pack of the Spot Ethical Products Wide Springs is available for $7 on Amazon, meaning each one will cost you under 50 cents. No matter your cat's personality, these toys are well worth trying out.