Jenga games, and lasers, and bubbles, and balloons, oh my! If you're in need of an afternoon (or anytime of day) pick-me-up, look no further. We corralled some of the cutest young pups around for this beyond adorable clip. From playful puppies taking their chances with a wobbly Jenga tower to awaking from a state of darling slumber, there's no shortage of aw-worthy moments to soak up. One of our favorite segments? Watch these blonde-furred bundles of joy be entertained with bubbles. Another? Well, we’re also totally swooning for them loafing around in a sea of colorful balloons. We love our dogs to the moon, but boy, do we miss those fleeting puppy days. Bottom line: If this doesn't make you want to go out and adopt a beautiful four-legged companion for yourself, we don't know what will! In the time being, you’ll find us watching this on repeat and sharing with all of our friends so they can crack a smile, too. These sweet baby golden retrievers came to us from Albertville, Alabama, home of Southern Belle Goldens. Father-daughter duo Don Sanders and Brooke Crawford have been breeding the sweet little pups for 12 years. What a job!

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