By Katherine Owen
December 18, 2018

Your dog might spend a lot of time sleeping, but how much of the day are they actually sleeping away? Here are some interesting facts about your sleeping pup.

How Many Hours Do Dogs Sleep?

According to the AKC, dogs tend to spend about 50 percent of their day sleeping, 30 percent awake but lounging around, and 20 percent being active. That's an average of about 12-14 hours of sleep a day, though, of course, it varies for elderly, working, or young dogs.

Do Dogs Dream?

If you've ever seen a dog bark in its sleep you know they dream just as much, if not more, than we do. In fact, dogs can dip in and out of REM cycle sleep easier than humans, so it's likely he or she is dreaming just 10 minutes after passing out. Researchers at MIT found reason to believe animals dream about daily occurrences, just like we do, which means your four-legged friend could just may be dreaming about you, or that squirrel he saw on his walk.

Bunk Mates

As it turns out, having a dog sleep in the same room as you does not necessarily compromise sleep quality, according to research from the Mayo Clinic. You might want to keep separate beds still; the same research showed sharing a bed did decrease sleep quality for humans. If you're in need of good dog bed that provides your pet with a good sleep without compromising style, we love this Bufalo Check Navy Lounge Bed from Jax & Bones.

Buffalo Check Navy Lounge Bed from Jax and Bones
Credit: Courtesy of Jax and Bones

Catching Sleep

Yawns are not just contagious between humans. Researchers at the University of London found that they also have an effect on human yawns are actually contagious to domestic dogs (as they are between two humans), which they believe points to their dogs' ability to feel empathy toward us. That just goes to show how strong the bond is between dog and owner.