Short-Haired Dog Breeds That Are Still Just as Cuddly as Their Fluffier Pals

Pug Standing on Log in Forest
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When it comes to short-haired dog breeds, their manes might be tame, but their coats are anything but boring. As this list indicates, short-haired dog breeds are among the most common canine companions. Their hair is tight to their bodies, making grooming a breeze. Some short-haired dog breeds are even low-shedding. While these dog breeds might have less hair for styling, they have plenty of love—and cuddles—to give.

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Elle Woods and her pup, Bruiser, might have put Chihuahuas on the pop culture map, but this petite short-haired dog breed has been winning hearts for hundreds of years. Chihuahuas have two coat lengths: long and smooth, but even the long-haired variety has a short coat.

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Dalmatian with Head on Couch

In 2020, we named the Dalmatian one of the top breeds of the year, and our feelings about this energetic short-haired dog breed hasn't changed. Their spotted coat is among the most recognizable in the canine kingdom. Of course, they are also discernible as mascots for firefighters due to the dogs' history of running alongside horse-drawn fire engines.

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Great Dane

Great Dane with Little Boy

There's no denying a Great Dane's loyalty. These large breeds can grow to be almost three-feet tall. Even though Great Danes have a strong stature, this short-haired dog breed is notorious for being an excellent family dog thanks to its patient disposition.

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Russell Terrier

Jack Russell on Leash

Known as smart, spunky pups, Russell Terriers are high energy and highly trainable. Did you know these dogs were bred to be as quick as hounds during hunts? Daily Paws asserts that Russell Terriers are enthusiastic and incredibly sharp.

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Despite their enormous size, mastiffs are an ideal short-haired dog breed for apartment living. They do not require a lot of exercise and are docile dogs, making them a good choice for families with children.

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Pugs Sitting on Sofa
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Have you ever seen a cuter face than one of a pug? Okay, don't answer that. Your dog, pug or not, is equally as cute. However, there is something about those squishy pug faces and petite pug noses that we can't get enough of. Even as a short-haired dog breed, they do tend to shed, so you'll need to comb his silky coat regularly.

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Getty/Brezhneva Natalya

This short-haired dog breed is known for its brilliant, silky rust coloring. They make excellent hunting dogs thanks to their active nature and sharp intelligence. Due to their energy, they are also ideal running buddies.

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Did you know Grace Kelly famously owned a Weimaraner? She received her pup as a gift before marrying the Prince of Monaco. Should you find yourself seeking your own royal dog, a Weimaraner might be the right companion for you. They do require a lot of activity, so consider your own energy level when researching these "grey ghosts."

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