Best friends fur-ever.

Minnow Rescue Dog and Blossom Rescue Turkey
Credit: Abbie Hubbard/ABC News

If you thought that man could only be a dog's best friend, here's proof that our tail-wagging pets can make friends with just about anyone and anything—including turkeys.

Minnow, a 3-year-old shaggy Sapsaree dog, and Blossom, a 10-week-old turkey, have broken with tradition to develop an unlikely yet adorable friendship. The beloved pair were both rescued by Abbie Hubbard, and now the trio all reside together in a townhouse in north Virginia.

"I brought Blossom home and let her out of her carrier where Minnow was waiting for her," Hubbard told ABC News. "Minnow immediately went to Blossom and gave her a nudge and a kiss. Blossom seemed immediately comfortable with Minnow and, after exploring Minnow's soft bed, she went to Minnow and cuddled up to her."

Minnow Rescue Dog and Blossom Rescue Turkey Cuddling
Credit: Abbie Hubbard/ABC News

You would think putting a housebound pup and farm-raised turkey together in the same room would incite chaos. But these pals love snuggling together with Hubbard on the couch or playing with each other in the backyard. Despite the difference in species, Hubbard hopes that Minnow and Blossom's unexpected bond will make "people stop and think about all life."

Minnow and Blossom in Backyard in Virginia
Credit: Abbie Hubbard/ABC News

"Farmed animals have feelings just as our companion animals do," said Hubbard. "They can nourish our souls far more than any meal ever would. If nothing else, I hope that they [people] see that kindness exists in all souls and that their encounter with Minnow and Blossom inspires them to extend kindness to others."

Unfortunately, this endearing story has a bittersweet ending. Blossom will soon be transported out of Hubbard's home to a nearby farm. Of course, now that Minnow and Hubbard have gotten attached to Blossom for the past five weeks, it'll be difficult to say goodbye to their feathered friend.

Minnow and Blossom Halloween
Credit: Abbie Hubbard/ABC News

"I know that Minnow will feel the loss when Blossom moves to the farm," Hubbard added. "Together, we will console each other and then fill that hole with another little soul who could use our help."

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Minnow and Blossom's friendship prove that companionship and comfort can be found in the most unlikely places, people, and things.