Rose, on behalf of Sophia, thank you for being a friend.


It's not every day that we come across a story that touches on so many of our favorite things. So it's no surprise that we could barely keep it together when we heard about a heartwarming story out of Atlanta combining dogs, friendship, and—of all things—the Golden Girls.

Nobody could have guessed that when Rose and Sophia, two senior pups named after Golden Girls characters, found themselves abandoned at Atlanta Humane Society, that they would end up becoming best friends. Christina Hill, director of marketing and communications for the AHS, describes the older one, Sophia, who's nearly blind, as "super old-looking and in pretty miserable shape." She was being housed by herself and the poor girl was absolutely miserable.

"She grumbled at anyone who went near her and simply wasn't acting very friendly. She would just cower in the back of her cage and watch you as you walked by, growling," Hill recalled to "When we ran tests on her, we found out she was also heartworm positive."

But the staff at AHS had an idea. Maybe, they thought, she just needed a friend.

"We recognized how sad she was and decided that before starting her treatment, we'd see how she felt about Rose, the other dog abandoned in the play yard," Hill said. "Rose immediately went over to Sophia and started cuddling her, and Sophia immediately gained confidence."

"Now, the two are jumping on our staff's lap and wagging their tails wherever they go! Sophia can't see very well and Rose helps guide her around, always keeping an eye on her," she added. "They're such a testament to how powerful the love of a friend can be!"

Rose, on behalf of Sophia, thank you for being a friend.

If you're interested in adopting these sweet older ladies, contact Atlanta Humane Society.