Warning: Unbelievably cute footage of Corgi puppies ahead.
Dog Looking Up and Smiling

This article originally appeared on Real Simple

Of all the adorable puppy videos being shared across the Internet, trust us when we say you won't want to miss this one.

Created by Purina Puppy Chow and SoulPancake, a media and production company, the #PowerofPuppies video shows the pure joy puppies can spread to people of all ages—from pre-schoolers to gym rats to retirement home residents. The recipients of the puppies weren't clued in ahead of time, making the reactions all the more endearing.

"Imagine this—you're doing what you do on a regular day, bored out of your mind, and then suddenly you're handed a pile of puppies," actor Rainn Wilson, founder of SoulPancake, said in a statement. "Actually no need to imagine it, because we did this IRL. You're welcome."

Not only will watching the video bring a guaranteed smile to your face, but every time you view it, Puppy Chow will donate one pound of their new Puppy Chow Natural formula to Rescue Bank, a non-profit organization that supports animal rescue and rehabilitation. They will be counting video views until April 23, and will donate up to 500,000 pounds of dog food.