Abigail has a new Florida home and colorful bonnets to match.


Just looking at Abigail in her stylish headbands, you'd never guess what the pit bull mix has endured.

In November 2016, Abigail was found bloodstained on a Miami street. Dr. Thomas Jackson, an Estero, Florida, veterinarian, estimated her brutal injuries were a result of dog fighting. Abigail, who was named after she was rehabilitated, seemed to have been used as a bait dog. She sustained a puncture wound in the head, deep cuts on her back, a tick infestation, and damage to her face. But those lacerations and bruises were not the worst of the lot. If Abigail had gone even a couple more days without treatment, the abused pup would have died of sepsis, according to Pets First Wellness Center.

After several medical procedures, Abigail ended up losing an ear on her road to recovery. However, she's gained so much more since then, including a new home in Lehigh Acres, Florida, a tail-wagging sibling, and tons of spiffy bonnets.

The hats were originally used to hide the gauze dressing and protect Abigail's wound where she was stitched up. Yet once people learned of her incredible story in the news and through a Facebook page devoted to her, hundreds of people from all over the world began sending hand-knitted head pieces for the one-eared dog to wear while she healed.

"We are over the moon excited to have her," said Megan Contreras, who adopted Abigail. "She is such a sweet, sweet girl. It's amazing to see her so loving and trusting after the situation she was in."

Contreras, who works for the Lee County Visitor & Convention Bureau, and her husband, Jason, were selected from among 100 applicants to adopt Abigail this past July. The brave dog previously lived with Victoria Frazier, the founder of Love is Fur Ever Dog Rescue, for seven months. Frazier originally saw the horrible photos of Abigail online and immediately took her in, nursing her back to health. Although Frazier didn't want to part ways with the rescued dog, she knew the Contreras family could provide Abigail with a loving home.

According to Contreras, the couple's other dog Tala, a lab pit mix, has been getting along fine with Abigail.

"It was perfect," Contreras said. "Tala has accepted her just like a sister."

As far as those headbands, Abigail is still showing off the custom-made bonnets. Facebook followers can track her journey and see which bows she's wearing on Bonnets for Abigail. Contreras and her husband plan to leave the page up for fans. They also added that Abigail will continue to serve as the poster child for dog fighting "to raise awareness against abuses."

In addition to her Facebook page, Abigail is also gaining notoriety because she has since been certified as a therapy dog, and she's also a finalist for the American Humane Hero Dog Award.

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