Our Favorite Southern Pig Names

pink pig with nose in the air
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Southerners love pigs. And we show our affection in different ways. We frequent our neighborhood Piggly Wiggly, read Charlotte's Web to our kids, or adopt and bring them into our families. Although not as common as cats or dogs, pet pigs are not entirely unheard of across the South.

While most pig owners opt for the smaller breeds (Teacup Pigs, Micro Pigs, Pocket Pigs), some homes end up with larger pigs. That's the thing with pigs. You never really know how big they will get. But if you want to bring one home, you will need an excellent name for your pink pet. And there's nothing funnier than the idea of a mud-covered and pleasantly plump pig with a fancy name, such as Princess or Charlotte. Plenty of pig puns, historical references, and even famous pigs from literary works provide inspiring ideas for naming your pet. Here are some of our favorites.

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pigs in grass field
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President Abraham Lincoln had many pets in his lifetime, including a pig gifted to him at age six.

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Pig in Bucket
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Not only for being a very important pig, but Ace is Babe's great-grandson, so what could be more fitting.

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Brown piglets sleeping in grass
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For fans of Peppa, this pig needs no introduction.

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Piglet walking in grass field
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It's a classic for a reason.

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Betty Lou

pink pig face
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Double names are a naming convention staple in the South, so that tradition should also extend to our pets.

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two black pigs in mud

As a term of endearment, it can mean "little brother."

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pink piglet sitting in grass field
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For your sweet little piglet, Buttercup might be precisely the name for them.

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pig and dog meeting
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Because Charlotte's Web makes us all want to own, and save, a pig.

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small pig eating lettuce
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Named after Chester the Worldly Pig, and because your pig is the only entertainment you need.

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black piglet with red collar
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Perfect for your pig with an extra curly tail.

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person holding pink pig
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In Hebrew, it means "goddess," so what better way to honor your pig.

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Elvis Pigsley

pink pig with nose in the air
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Because he's the king, thank you very much.

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Mama pig with two piglets
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Of Persian origin, Esther means "star."

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small pig eating lettuce
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It's punny. Don't you think so?

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three pigs in mud
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If it's good enough for the Bard, your piglet will be happy too.

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Kevin (Bacon)

two pigs telling secrets
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Sometimes you need to cut loose, especially when naming pigs.

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Little Pig

black and white pig
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An obvious choice, but it's still a cute name.

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pig sticking nose through gate
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Give your pig confidence with a name that means "strong as a lion."

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Miss Piggy

two piglets cuddling
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Classy, yet a bit of a diva. If this describes your pig, you might have a superstar piggy on your hands.

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Old Major

three pink pigs
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A wise and persuasive pig in Animal Farm, this name distinguishes your pig as a leader in the pack.

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Two Piglets Smiling
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There are many reasons why these names are a great option. For example, the Tales of Oliver Pig, Olivia the Pig, and the fact that olive trees are where these names derive from and are a sign of peace.

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group of pink pigs
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Who doesn't like a little alliteration? Penny, the pig, sounds perfect.

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three muddy piglets
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Peppa Pig is a cultural icon, so naming your pig after her seems like a no-brainer.

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pink pig eating cookies
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Their plump figure is what makes them so cute. Embrace it.

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Pink Pig
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Another shout-out to Animal Farm, this name might be suitable for a fierce piglet who likes to get his way.

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pink pig running down road
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Meaning "lovable and dear," this sweet name captures the precious nature of your pet pig.

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pink pig with smiling face

A tale from Walt Disney, The Practical Pig, is imaginative and helpful.

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pink pig with toothbrush
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Priscilla means "venerable, ancient, and classical."

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black and white pig on farm
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Meaning to "wrinkle or crumple," this name might work for your pig with a bit of extra scrunch around its nose or ears.

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piglets in hay
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"Sooie" is a pig-calling call in Northeast England.

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pig next to bed with teddy bear
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Meaning "wisdom," this name is a smart choice.

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pink pig
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A truffle hog is a domestic pig used for finding fungi, mainly truffles in the forest.

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pink piglet walking in field of flowers
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As his devoted friend Charlotte describes him, Wilbur is "terrific, radiant, and a humble pig."

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pink pig leaning on wooden fence
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A name derived from the Marvel comics and the legendary musical persona of David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust.

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black piglet with red collar
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In the Winnie the Pooh books from A. A. Milne, Piglet is a small creature, but mightly in bravery and friendship.

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