Give a shelter pet a forever home without paying any fees.


Is it time to add a furry friend to your family? If you've been thinking about a new pet or your kids are hounding you for a new friend to start off the school year, now may be the best time.

If you live in or near Atlanta, head to the Atlanta Humane Society. This week only, through Sunday, August 6th, they are waiving the adoption fees on pets older than 6 months of age. That means you could give a forever home to a dog or cat of your choosing free of charge.

Currently the shelter has about 300 animals in their care that need loving families. Christina Hill, Director of Marketing and Communications for AHS told Southern Living, "The summer months in the South bring a lot of puppies and kittens to us. Puppies and kittens tend to get adopted quickly and our older pets tend to sit around waiting to be chosen. We have a hard time getting our older pets adopted because they get overlooked for the puppies and kittens."

Hill pointed out that there are several advantages to adopting an older pet. She told us, "When they come in, we know what their personalities are already. With puppies or kittens you don't really know. They've already grown out of their mischievous phase."

She added about older dogs specifically, "They know basic obedience skills. They can sit or stay. You can almost guarantee that a puppy is going to chew on your socks. An older dog will leave your socks alone."

If you take a look at the AHS Facebook page, they've made a strong effort to show you just how fun an older pet can be. There are several pets declaring on video why you should choose him or her as your new family member.

In addition to waiving fees, AHS will make sure all adopted dogs and cats will be spayed or neutered and already have taken their age-appropriate vaccinations. AHS will also insert a microchip and provide a collar with identification tags and a four-pound bag of Purina dog or cat food. They are also offering a complimentary post-adoption wellness exam. AHS will even throw in 30 days of PetFirst pet insurance. What a deal for a new best friend!

So go on, you know you want to! Adopt today!