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This Pet Hair Rake Decreased My Dogs' Shedding, and It's on Sale

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Regular visits to the groomer are essential, especially with two long-haired dogs at home, but the cost adds up. To help reduce the amount of times they need to be groomed, I have tried what seems like every tool on the internet. After accumulating quite the collection of dog brushes, I finally found an all-in-one deshedding tool that actually works, and is super affordable. 

Some five-star reviewers call this two-sided undercoat rake a "miracle worker," and they're not being dramatic—it actually works wonders. Within minutes of using it I had a pile of hair next to me that looked like I had adopted yet another dog. The best part is I could tell both my pups seemed to enjoy the experience, which is always a bonus. 

I use the 9-teeth side to detangle any matts behind their ears or near their tails, and then go over everything with the 17-teeth side to smooth out and deshed. It doesn't work well on thick matts (and can be painful), so instead I trim those off with a pair of grooming shears before using the rake. The teeth get loose hair deep into their thick fur without scratching or damaging their skin thanks to the rounded edges. I recommend slow strokes at first to get out most of the tangles without pulling, and then you can go faster once the hair is smooth.

Pet Grooming Tool - 2 Sided Undercoat Rake
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BUY IT: $17.99  (orig. $24.99); amazon.com

Tip: If you have a dog that doesn't like to sit still, allow them to take breaks when they get restless. It makes grooming at home a more positive experience for them, and makes the job easier on you instead of trying to restrain them while brushing. When they're relaxing on the couch or in their dog bed is another time I like to gently brush through their fur, since they're already in a calm state of mind. 

Along with myself, thousands of other shoppers have had major success with this brush and said it's "the best grooming tool you'll ever have"—and provide pictures to prove it. Another five-star reviewer even compares it to the Furminator, which is a more expensive deshedding brush. 

"The first time I used [the undercoat rake], a dog park friend asked me if Lupin [a Bernese mountain dog] had lost weight. He hadn't. I had just combed his fur with the double sided rake," the satisfied shopper said. "It gets huge amounts of fur, including a lot of the soft undercoat, more than the Furminator gets with each stroke."

The undercoat dog rake is marked down to just $18 for a limited time and is backed by more than 18,000 Amazon shoppers, so you really can't go wrong. Whether you have a long-haired dog or cat, this tool will be your saving grace and can save you trips to the groomer. Add it to your cart before the sale ends.