Busy pup equals happy owner, right?

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Nina Ottosson Dog Puzzle Amazon
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

As a pet owner, the expectation vs. reality of working from home probably goes a little something like this. Expectation: Kicking back on the couch with the laptop on one leg and Fido lovingly resting his head on the other. Reality: Kicking back on the couch with the laptop on one leg as Fido jumps on the couch, jumps off, grabs a toy, jumps back on the couch, and waves the toy in your face during an important Zoom meeting.

Of course, during this unexpected era of extra bonding time, your pup is thrilled to get more face-to-snout-time with you. But he also wants to play. You being home typically means there’s more time to devote to throwing balls, scratching ears, and heading out on park playdates.

So what do you do when you have a deadline and your canine is calling for some stimulation? According to Amazon reviewers, you get yourself one of these interactive puzzles, and you let him run wild.

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The Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound puzzle game is a rewards-based toy that encourages critical thinking in your pooch in exchange for treats. Consisting of a plastic puzzle board with nine bone-shaped inserts that lift out to reveal hidden goodies underneath, the toy is designed to work your pup’s problem solving skills while keeping him happy and mentally engaged.

And according to Amazon reviewers, pooches aren’t the only ones that come out happy at the end of this purchase. Judging by the more than 13,000 reviews, owners seems to be equally thrilled, commenting that it’s great for pet boredom relief and particularly high-energy dogs. One reviewer called it “the best dog toy I have ever, ever purchased for my nine-and-a-half-pound Yorkie,” adding that it’s the “perfect size, extremely durable, and just difficult enough to keep her attention and desire, but not so much as to frustrate her.”

Small and big dogs alike can enjoy the Nina Ottosson line of interactive puzzles, which includes rewards-based games for dogs of all sizes and skill levels. Puppies and pooches who’ve never used a critical thinking toy can benefit from starting with the Level 1 toy and working their way up to the Level 4 Expert puzzle which, for those canines who tend to wolf down their food, can hold up to one cup of kibble for a slower and more methodical mealtime.

Want to gift your furry friend the ultimate, time-passing toy? Purchase the Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound Interactive Puzzle here.