Florida Police Officers Book Hotel Rooms for 17 Dogs After Transport Van Crash

They also gave them a VIP escort.  

Ocala Police
Photo: Ocala Police Department

An early morning crash had a pawsitive outcome for 17 dogs thanks to kindhearted police in Florida.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, a van transporting "multiple kenneled dogs of all sizes to various owners across the US" was involved in an accident in Ocala. The dogs and humans were all fine, but they were stranded.

"The van was inoperable due to the damage and the transport drivers had no other form of transportation. ... A plan was devised," the Ocala Police Department wrote on Facebook.

Fortunately, the department was able to find a hotel that had enough space for the drivers and the 17 dogs. They also arranged for VIP transport.

"Next, a motorcade of patrol cars, including our negotiator ambulance, was assembled to transport them all to the local hotel safely until they could procure transportation the following day," the department said.

"Thank you for doing this!!" one commented wrote. "What an amazing job for these wonderful dogs, you guys rock!"

"Thank you!!!" another chimed in. "Sounds like much care was taken to keep from stressing out the dogs and people involved.... Awesome job OPD!!!"

Good work, y'all!

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