No-Spill Pet Bowl

This $20 Spill-Proof Pet Bowl Has Saved My Floors

Say goodbye to messy water and food spills.
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While my cat is pretty low maintenance most of the time, a few years ago she got into the habit of spilling water all over the place from her bowl. She was obsessed with scooting the bowl across the floor, causing the water to cascade over the sides and onto the floor. Not only was this causing a mess, but she was left with an empty bowl and no water to drink. I tried several different types of bowls including heavy ceramic bowls, but nothing I tried was preventing the spills. After sharing the frustration with my mom, she found and gifted me a bowl that claimed to be the solution to my problem.

I've been using the Home of Boutique Double Pet Feeder Bowls with No Spill Silicone Mat from Amazon for my cat for over a year now and can vouch for the fact that it has saved my floors from water and food spills. A silicone mat holds the bowls in place and won't slide on hard floors, even when tricky paws try to move it around. Any food or water that does end up outside of the bowls lands on the silicone mat which can easily be rinsed off.

The set includes two stainless steel bowls that fit into a silicone mat. The bowls are made with corrosion-resistant stainless steel, won't rust, and can be washed in the dishwasher. Two sizes, small and medium, are available. The small includes 12 oz. bowls that are suitable for cats and smaller dog breeds while the medium is 24 oz. and will work for larger cats and dogs up to 50 pounds.

Home of Boutique Double Pet Feeder Bowls
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The Home of Boutique Double Pet Feeder Bowls are Amazon's choice for "no tip cat bowl" and reviewers agree that it's a great solution for cats who are always spilling their water. "Best pet product I've bought yet!" said one happy reviewer. Another shared, "Finally, a no-spill anti-slip bowl that works."

So if you've got a spill-prone cat and haven't found a solution, don't give up just yet. Add this top-rated bowl to your cart today.