Hank is a playful pig that likes to show off his yoga moves, swimming skills, and impeccable taste in snacks.


We've all heard that a dog is a man's best friend. But, have you met New Orleans' favorite little oinker?

Meet the unconventional (but oh-so-adorable) face behind @mybestfriendhank. Hank is a playful, 10-month-old pig that likes to show off his great yoga skills, swimming techniques, and love of snacks on his popular Instagram page.

Hank is the beloved pet of New Orleans' newlyweds Will and Ashley Glass. Will, who is a writer, had wanted a pig his entire life. When he brought up the idea of a pet pig to his fiancé – she didn't take much convincing. With a little research, the couple added their names to the waiting list with a mini pig breeder in Hollywood, Florida.

Will and Ashley were married in October 2016 and came home from their honeymoon to perhaps one of the sweetest wedding presents – their application for a pig was accepted. After eight weeks of weaning, little Hank came home to New Orleans.

Although Hank isn't even a year old, he's got plenty of personality – and his followers love him for it. One of his favorite ways to pass the time? Eating. He loves all kinds of fruits and vegetables, but he especially likes to munch on raisins, spinach, watermelon, and frozen blueberries. "He knows when his breakfast and dinner times are, and he's not shy about reminding us," Will says. "Though he's pretty polite about it."

And, like any good New Orleans' resident, Hank loves to snack on tiny pieces of King Cake when Mardi Gras rolls around. "He goes nuts," Will says. "He loves it."

If Hank couldn't get any cuter, he's also got a stuffed sheep that sleeps next to his bed. This little oinker also loves to cuddle. "Whenever one or both of us has a day off, Hank prefers to spend most of it just napping on top of us," Ashley says. Hank also enjoys spending time in the backyard every day, and loves to take trips down Magazine Street in his stroller.

Although Hank's originally from Florida, his silly, curious, and quirky personality (and, love of food!) fits in perfectly with the folks in The Big Easy. Oink on, Hank!