Gone are the days of interrupted Zoom meetings and longing "play with me" stares.

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Border Collie
Border Collie
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Finding Birdie was, without a doubt, the highlight of my 2020 quarantine. She's now a lovable, full-grown border collie, but when I first laid eyes on my new best friend, she was just shy of eight weeks old. Side note: If I ever doubted the notion of love at first sight, Birdie made me a believer. I adopted her the same day I met her, and life has been sweeter ever since.

There's just one problem: Pandemic pups quickly begin to expect constant attention. Work-from-home life means baby Birdie and I are rarely apart, so my energetic fur-friend all but demands undivided devotion and attentiveness. Dog-mom guilt is real; I loathe having to ignore her while I get my work done. So how to be productive with a googly-eyed pup relentlessly begging me to take her on a long walk, you may ask? Gorilla chews for dogs are the game-changing answer.

Finding a durable chew toy that won't splinter and isn't a choking hazard has been quite the task. But I've finally done it, and Birdie wholeheartedly approves. It's a simple log of java wood that slowly shaves off with my pet's innate instinct to gnaw. Gorilla chews are ideal for her teeth and gum health, and best of all, they're safe, all-natural, and furniture-friendly (they won't stain my sofa). Gone are the days of interrupted Zoom meetings and longing "play with me" stares. Now Birdie remains utterly captivated by her new toy for hours on end, making life for this pup mom much easier.

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