Choosing one of these monikers could result in a pack of pooches heeding your call the next time you're at the dog park.

By Melissa Locker
April 20, 2021

Southerners have a way with names, but when it comes to our most popular dog names, well, we might be just a tad uninspired. According to TOP Data, which analyzed a dog adoption database of 500,000 adopted dogs and surveyed 1,000 dog owners across the U.S., the most popular dog names in the South are Max, Bella, and Buddy. Those are also the most popular dog names across the nation.

Dog adopters from Oregon to Maine to Florida all favor those three names. There are a few outliers, of course, but none of the outliers are in the South. Sadie is the number one name for pooches in Montana and Delaware, while Rocky reigns supreme in Rhode Island and Murphy tops the list in Vermont. Turns out that Southerners like the same dog names as everyone else, which just doesn't seem possible.

While Max, Bella, and Buddy are fantastic names for pups (or people!), it's a bit strange to see so much uniformity in dog names, particularly in the South. We're known for our names, after all! Why are dogs in Georgia sporting the same name as pups in Washington and Connecticut? How can Alabama dog owners all like the same name as puppy lovers in New Hampshire, let alone California? Shouldn't the most popular dog names in the South be something unique?

Southerners looking to name their new addition, could perhaps choose a vintage moniker like Chester, Percy, or Otis or opt for a swanky Southern name, like Delilah or Blanche. Why wouldn't a Mississippi hound dog have a double name like Roy Lee? How about Georgia or Savannah? Or a Pekinese with a name inspired by Southern authors, singers, and characters, like Scout, Dolly, Reba, or Harper? A pampered Palm Beach pup would make an excellent Laura Lee, while senior rescue dogs could rock a grandma name to be sure.

In short, the next time one of these lists comes out, there better be at least one double dog name on it!