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This Leak-Proof Dog Water Bottle Has More Than 9,300 Five-Star Reviews on Amazon

Your dog is going to love this.
By Perri Ormont Blumberg
April 23, 2021
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Whether you're hitting hiking trails with your pup or simply have your dog along for a long afternoon of errands, the portable, leak-proof MalsiPree Dog Water Bottle (from $18.96; Amazon.com) can't be beat.

The MalsiPree canine water bottle has a handy button to return unused water to the receptacle to avoid water waste and is made of high-quality food grade material. This Amazon's Choice product also has an impressive 9,300+ five-star reviews on the site. As one happy customer put it, "this water bottle is truly a godsend! I cannot imagine using any other travel water bottle for my pups! It is slim, fits perfectly in a bottle slot in my travel bag; it is lightweight and has a loop to put around my wrist when I walk with my pups. It is extremely convenient on car rides, when my pup is thirsty and needs a quick pick-me-up! I especially love the fact that it sucks the water back in, so that I am not wasting unused water," the post concludes noting that the 12-ounce bottle is perfect for tiny dogs, while the 19-ounce bottle is ideal for dogs who weigh more than 10 pounds.

Need more convincing? Another satisfied customer writes that this water bottle "is perfect for a pet on-the-go. It eliminates the need for a water bottle and separate bowl since it is built in. It is also mess-free because of the design that allows the excess water to go back in to the bottle. The lock button prevents drips as well."

The water bottle is available in pink and blue, and includes a handy strap for carrying. Whether your four-legged friend is your trusty hiking companion, or you simply are looking for a better way for your dog to guzzle water when out and about, you're going to love this handy accessory.

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MalsiPree Dog Water Bottle

This water bottle makes giving your dog water on-the-go a breeze. Available in two sizes, you'll wonder why you didn't buy this convenient accessory sooner.

Buy It: from $18.96; Amazon.com