These Lap Dogs Make the Sweetest Companions

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in Grass Field
Photo: Getty/Sergey Ryumin

While lap dogs are known for being petite and cute, they once had an even bigger job than just looking sweet. In fact, many small breed lap dogs were bred for exactly what their name implies: to sit on laps and keep them warm. Of course, keeping hands warm too was a bonus. Today, lap dogs are ever present companions, especially because they are predisposed to snuggling. What they lack in stature, they make up for in personality. Explore our succinct list of some of the canine world's best lap dog breeds, any one of which would make the sweetest companion.

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Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise Standing in Fall Leaves

Low-shedding and cute to boot, the bichon frise is a great lap dog candidate. They were once adored by Italian royals for their disposition as well as for their watch-dog mentality. You can even find them in works of art throughout history.

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Bolognese Dog Breed Running on Track

The bolognese gets its name from Bologna, Italy, where it was first developed centuries ago, much like our favorite spaghetti sauce. Bolognese weigh under ten pounds and are just 10-12" tall, so they are suited as bed buddies, too.

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French Bulldog

French Bulldog Running Through Grass
Getty/David Navarro Azurmendi

One of the most popular dog breeds on our list, French bulldogs are charming, affectionate, and loyal. They also make excellent watch dogs and are ideal for city living. They are bred to be companions which means they have a well-earned spot on this list.

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in Grass Field
Getty/Sergey Ryumin

This dog breed has been a part of history and pop culture for centuries. As a calm breed, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are the quintessential lap dogs.

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Woman Hugging Pug Dog

Who could deny the pug a spot on our list of the best lap dog breeds? With their wrinkly faces and pudgy bodies, they're oh so cute. They are also one of the oldest dog breeds. They've been warming our hearts (and laps!) since 400 BC.

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Maltese Dog on Pink Backdrop
Getty/Emilija Manevska

The Maltese is considered an aristocrat among dog breeds. In fact, Maltese have been around for 28 centuries. Ages ago, their Greek owners even erected tombs in their honor.

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Pekingese Laying Down

Created for Chinese aristocracy and royalty, the Pekingese have famously long locks and adorable flat faces. According to Daily Paws, they're often referred to as "lion dogs because of their long manes and stocky build." Owners claim that Pekingese are opinionated yet loyal pups.

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Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu Sitting in Grass
Getty/Teresa Kopec

A favorite among royalty and celebrities, shih tzus are excellent family pets and enjoy their time inside. The Ming dynasty loved them so much, they became the chosen house pet. They don't require a lot of exercise which means they will be perfectly happy perched on your lap.

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