These expert landscapers will make quick work of the Arboretum’s overgrown vegetation.

By Meghan Overdeep
September 22, 2020
Goat Eating Grass
Credit: DurkTalsma/Getty Images

The Houston Arboretum & Nature Center has hired the cutest landscaping company in the business.

The Arboretum is teaming up with Rent-A-Ruminant Texas, who will provide a herd of 120 goats to "mow" overgrown vegetation and invasive species as part of a pilot program to test out a more eco-friendly approach to conservation management, Houston Public Media reports.

The goats will serve the same role as the herds of bison that once roamed the region, acting as natural landscapers and keeping the grasslands, well, grassy. While bison are hard to come by these days, goats are not.

"We wanted to find alternate ways and fun ways that we could manage the ecosystem, and see, how do these goats really impact the ecosystem and how is it different from what we do?" Christine Mansfield, Marketing and Development Manager for the Houston Arboretum, told Houston Public Media.

Goats also have no problem chowing down on stubborn, invasive species. They also make easy work of difficult terrain.

"There are certain things invasive species wise that are just next to impossible to control without some sort of herbicide. But obviously, as a natural space and as a place where we want to really have thriving plant and animal communities, we try and do as little of that as possible," explained Mansfield. "We want to see if the goats are a natural solution to removing some of these things because that’s what they do naturally, they go after these species and they really enjoy eating them."

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The goats will be dining in a 1.5-acre section around the North and South Woodway ponds from October 4-10. Visitors are invited to watch them work but are asked not to interact with them.

Bon appetit, goats!